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Ege University İzmir Research and Application Center Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated 23.IX.1993 and numbered 21707 and entered into force.


Ege University İzmir Research and Application Center Regulation



Article 1 - Ege University İzmir Research and Application Center, with the decision of the Ege University Senate dated 24/8/1993 and numbered 27/10, and the approval of the Council of Higher Education dated 24/6/1993, the additional 1st article of the "Academic Organization Regulation in Universities". It was established under the Ege University Rectorate in accordance with the article.


Working area

Article 2 -

a) To conduct all kinds of research on the history, art, archeology, geography, social and cultural assets of the city of Izmir and its immediate surroundings,

b) To examine the city of Izmir in every aspect,

c) To reveal the city of Izmir and its immediate surroundings with all their features,

d) Identifies, collects and stores books, magazines, all kinds of documents and information in the historical, economic and social field, including the period from the establishment of the city of Izmir to the present, verbally and visually when necessary,

e) Assists in research and makes publications on issues related to the city of Izmir,

f) Cooperates with other Turkish and World science research institutions on subjects suitable for its purpose,

g) Assists the other institutions of Ege University, especially the Faculty of Letters, with the publications to History, Geography, Turkish Language and Literature, Art History, Archeology departments,

h) It organizes all kinds of meetings related to İzmir and attends the meetings held in other places.


Article 3 - The organs of İzmir Research and Application Center are as follows:

a) Center Director

b) Central Executive Board



Article 4 - The Director of the Center is appointed by the Rector of Ege University to serve for a period of 3 years. The Director whose term has expired can be reappointed. The Director may also appoint an vice-director. In the absence of the Director, her/his duty ends.


Duties of the Diretor

Article 5 - The Center is responsible to the Rector for the regular execution of its activities. Moreover,


a) Director the Board and implements the decisions taken,

b) Represents the Center and carries out administrative procedures; Prepares budget proposals and submits them to the Rectorate,

c) Ensures the realization of projects suitable for the purpose by cooperating with domestic and foreign scientific institutions, research and application centers,

d) Prepares the annual activity report of the Center and submits it to the Rector, taking the opinion of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

Article 6 - Except for the Central Director; It consists of four faculty members, one of whom is the Deputy Director, recommended by the Director and appointed by the Rector, and 7 people, with the addition of 1 person directly assigned by the Rector, among those who work for the city of Izmir in every subject.


Duties of the Board


Article 7 -

a) The Board takes a general decision on the activities and management of the assembly center at least once a month,

b) The department in the library center will select the ones they will assign and will examine other candidates to be forwarded with the appointment of the (augmenting or other technical) staff in the center and decide on the proposal to the rector's office,

c) It determines the principles regarding the preparation of the annual report to be prepared by the President at the end of each year and prepares the work program for the next year. It decides on the budget drafts of the centre. It decides on issues such as research, publication, organizing scientific meetings or assisting teaching.



Article 8 - "This is taken to be approved by the Ege University Senate and published in the Official Gazette.




Article 9 - This designer is executed by the Rector of Ege University.

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